hotel management software


hotel management software
The Task Management Module automates the following services to enhance the overall guest satisfaction and experience with the property:
  • Automated task handling
  • Complaint escalation
  • Request escalation
Automated task handling provides the ability for the guest and/or staff to register a complaint. Once raised within the system, automated alerts are despatched to the attendant via SMS. Notification is performed to staff at levels through predefined job allocation rules and escalated until the complaint is resolved. This completely automated complaint management process ensures immediate resolution of complaints, efficient handling of staff and clear visibility of staff performance levels.

Automated complaint routing is provided to the current duty shift staff based on a predetermined schedule and workload pattern. It is possible to hold, reassign, auto restart and manual reset of complaints within the system. Status of pending complaints with detailed drill down is provided real time for quick and easy operation and resolution. Maximum closure times for complaints can be input thereby escalation for both complaints and requests can be performed within predetermined time frames. When complaints remain unresolved, the system escalates the issue to multiple higher levels based on programmed escalation rules ensuring effective resolution of all requests.
hotel management software