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WINHMS Sales & Marketing

hotel management software
The WINHMS Sales & Marketing (S&M) module covers fundamental sales activies such as maintenance of organisations, contacts, leads and opportunities. The system enables scheduling of sales activities and tasks for sales executives as well as tracking of these activities for management personnel throughout the entire sales lifecycle. Deployed on a web platform the tools are accessible from anywhere be it on a laptop or mobile phone; totally empowering sales personnel on the move.

Seamless integration is provided between WINHMS S&M and WINHMS FO, Banqueting and Accounts modules empowering sales personnel to provide customers “live” data from the respective properties such as Room Position and Banquet Venue Availability.

Organisations Contacts

Organisations can be created and maintained for existing companies and prospective customers. Two-way import/export of organisations to companies is supported for the exchange of data between existing WINHMS Company Masters and the WINHMS S&M System. Each organization within the S&M module supports multiple contacts with email address, mobile number, department and designation. Group companies are also supported with a hierarchy of member companies within a group.

Front Office (FO) Room Tariff Management

Maintains Room Tariff Master for multiple periods, room type wise and supports complete tariff management including Plans and Packages. Support is provided for multiple Rate Codes and linking of Rate Codes to organisations. When a reservation is created and an organisation is selected the system swill automatically assign the corresponding linked, valid Rate Code. Organisations can be assigned to specific sales executives thereby providing account ownership and responsbilities. Sales executives can be linked to multiple companies thereby permitting primary and secondary contacts for clients.

Front Office (FO) Room Chart and Banquet Venue Chart

System provides FO Room availabilty chart for any specific period for all room types in real-time. Sales executives can commit room bookings by creating “Wait Listed” bookings which are dynamically created at the properties FO in real-time. Similarly, “live” Banquet Venue positionining is displayed for any date. Sales executives can create “Wait Listed” bookings for any venue which will dynamically apply within the properties Banqueting Module.

Outstanding Accounts

Sales executives are provided with up-to-date real-time outstanding accounts for all organisations that they are connected to within the system. This is a critical feature that provides management the ability to ensure that sales executives are provided with information to actively pursue organisatons with outstanding accounts during their sales calls. Both summary as well as bill-wise outstanding details are provided with ageing analysis included.

Lead and Opportunity Management

Sales executives are provided the ability to create and track both Leads and Opportunities. Leads can also be assigned and tagged to various sources such as head office, website etc. thereby permitting creation and assignment of leads to sales executives from the head office. As the lead matures the sales executive can then convert the lead to an opportunity which is then considered as part of the sales pipeline.

For each Lead and Opportunity, sales executives can assign related activities such as tasks including follow-ups, to-do’s and appointments. The system will provide a consolidated view of the sales executive’s activities in various views such as daily activities, weekly activities, delayed activities. Upon completion of the activity the status is to be updated via the “My Activity” screen.

For each Opportunity, the system accepts projected value, closure date, product details and competitor information. Executives can maintain the probability percentage, priority, sales stage (won, lost, cold, warm) and priority.

A variety of sales performance reports are included which enable both executives and management to better understand the progress of each sale, lost / won opportunities, pending opportunities, delayed opportunities, items pending action, future action plans, etc. A detailed pipeline report is also provided which displays the progress of each opportunity broken down by sales executive.

Sales executives are provided with a comprehensive system ensuring that they can efficiently manage their entire sales cycle by reviewing leads/opportunities and to track activities effectively.

Access Privileges

A detailed sales team structure is provided and configured within the system which is represented in a graphical tree form to represent the reporting structure. Access to the screens and reports are based on sales executive’s reporting structure. Management personnel are provided access to view reports and analyse opportunities of the group members. Similarly, the organisation is associated with a specific sales area / locality thereby only permitting sales groups with access to an area to view organisations within the specific geographical locality.
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hotel management software