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The Front Office Feedback Module collects feedback from the guest directly without manual intervention and generates various analysis based on feedback received. The feedback received can then be converted into various corrective actions enhancing the guests experience at the property.

Guest feedback forms / questionnaire can be custom built by the user using built-in feedback templates included in the template designer tool. During the guest checkout process the system automatically despatches a feedback form link as part of guest's thank you e-mail. When the feedback link is clicked within the e-mail a form is supplied which the guest can electronically complete and submit via the internet. The completed feedback form will be automatically received by the system and inserted into the property management system database and becomes part of the guest profile. This process is performed without any user intervention.

The feedback form can be queried at any point from within the guest profile and all feedback can be viewed immediately. Support is provided for score, rating and rating index for each of the feedback items supplied. Based on the score, analysis is provided for each feedback option. Negative feedback details are immediately despatched via e-mail to the relevant customer service management personnel for immediate corrective action. The user has the ability to classify ratings as both positive and negative thereby ensuring that feedback is diligently captured and actioned based on severity.
hotel management software