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The F&B Costing module is a key add-on to the customer facing POS and Banquet modules. Integration is also provided to the accounting menu so that costs and expenses are tightly integrated and tracked. F&B Costing comprehensively covers various costing methods, recipe management, menu engineering, banquet costing, yield management, purchase requisition, BOQ, RFQ and price comparison.

Detailed recipe creation is possible with pictures and preparation instructions which can be created for menu items for both outlets and banquets. Support is provided for ingredient creation for the recipe and hence ingredients can be referred in multiple recipes. Ingredients can be nested at multiple levels providing complete flexibility. Recipes can be created with portion size, preparation time, standard wastage %, yield %, menu price, cost per portion and recommended menu price. Market price based recipe costing is provided where costing is based on the current purchase/store rate and this provides the option to adjust menu rates to suit market rates. In the case of banquet functions automated purchase requisitions can be raised which are tied to recipe ingredients. Advanced analysis includes menu engineering analysis with menu mix, contribution margin, menu class, menu margin and menu item evaluation. Consumption based costing is provided which is based on opening balance, issues, adjustments, POS sales, closing balance and plan sales. The consumption based costing system provides gross profit and net profit for each product group for specific days and/or periods.

Costing analysis can be displayed based on outlet-wise and costcenter-wise views for all product groups. Support is included for stock transfer of purchases, ingredient and menu items from and between outlets and costcenters for accurate consumption / issue based costing. Further analysis is provided for sales percentage based analysis which is based on the percentage cost of each individual menu item. Banquet pre-costing can be performed prior to the function. Revenue analysis is also available for each completed function.
hotel management software