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The WINHMS Human Resources (HR) Management system is a stand-alone module that features a number of sub-modules which can be grouped as per the client's requirements to form a comprehensive HR management package. The individual sub-modules are as follows:
  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Management
  • Time, Attendance & Leave Management
  • Recruitment
  • Appraisal
  • Training
Provided below is a brief description of the features provided in each sub-module.


The employee self-service module is a web based system where each employee is provided with a login/password to access employee accessible information via a web browser. Through this interface the employee can apply for leave and check the status of leave requests. The employee profile displays accrued leave and the ability to amend personal information such as permanent address, contact address, telephone number etc. Amended information is submitted automatically to HR department for approval prior to the system being updated.

The employee can also view gross cash components, reimbursements and monthly deductions. Payment slips can be viewed and generated for both current and prior months and exported out in PDF format. An annual pay summary statement can be generated and exported along with information on loans, salary advances and payment details. Detailed attendance data can also be viewed (provided the HR attendance module is integrated) including both punch in and out times for any requested period


The employee management module is a system that captures, tracks and approves specific employee events. Individual amendment forms are provided for the following employee events:
  • Recruitment / Joining
  • Confirmation
  • Promotion
  • Probation Extension
  • Salary Increment
  • Department Transfer
  • Company Transfer
  • Separation

Multiple approval levels are provided for each employee amendment type. Each amendment can have its own approval rule, approval levels and approval users. Career History, Salary History and Salary Increment Information can be viewed at any point in time. A custom questionnaire can be created within the system for the exit interview and it is possible to maintain the same information for separated employees.

Primary and secondary reporting relationships can be input for a single employee or a group of employees. Standard editable letters in Microsoft Word can be generated for promotions, increments, reliving and other similar options.


As the title implies this module manages employee attendance and is seamlessly integrated with leave management and payroll system. Integration is provided to third party systems such as ESSL and Pace. A variety of attendance marking codes are supported for a number of different scenarios including support for break shift attendance. Each marking code can be assigned a different colour thereby providing an intuitive user interface.

Leave, on-duty and national festival holiday exceptions are seamlessly handled by the system. Screens are provided for bulk leave entry which improves productivity when modifying multiple records in the system. Employee attendance entry is provided in tabular format thereby enabling quick and easy input and verification. Attendance processing within the system is processed on both punch-in and punch-in-out methods. Working hours are configurable and can be automatically calculated based on a number of options such as all punches, first-in last-out etc. Customer specific rules and conditions are supported with standard configuration parameters.


The recruitment module enables registration of the applicants resume and tracking of manpower requirements and the recruitment process. Detailed information is captured from each applicant such as personal, educational, skills, past experience and related work history. The system permits manpower requisition to be created department-wise and position-wise. Requisitions are tracked and the status of each requisition can be displayed at any point in time.

Powerful search facilities are available where applicants can be queried based on filters such as qualification, experience and keywords. The system then displays a shortlist of applications based on the requirements supplied. Interviews details and notes for each applicant can be captured against the applicant's profile. Weightage can be assigned to each parameter within the applicants profile and the net performance for multiple rounds of interviews can be aggregated.

Enrolments based on training requests and status of each applicants training requests can be tracked by the system. Generation of requirement status report, interview performance analysis and other such reports are included.


The appraisal module provides a system for periodical review of each employee's performance based on key performance indicators. Various appraisal templates for multiple employee categories can be created within the system. Employees can be rated by various rate groups such as peer, subordinates, supervisor, managerial etc. Grouping of appraisal parameters in multiple pages in each template is also possible. Weightage factors can be provided both page-wise and rate group-wise. Within the system each appraisal has to be confirmed prior to the appraisal progressing to the next rate group. Recommendations and training remarks can be provided at the time of appraisal and are maintained against the employee's profile.


The training module is an online system for tracking and managing training requests imparted to employees. Individual departments can raise training requests and track the status of each request. Employees are assigned to specific training programs and training attendance is recorded. Training costs per employee are tracked and can be ascertained at any point of time. The system also manages training coordinators and coordinator-wise detailed and cumulative training information is accessible. Repeat training can be created as demands and demand schedules are generated by system. Configuration of eligibility parameters per demand is also possible.
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